What is snow? Why does it happen and when? Find the answer to these questions and much, much more with this beautiful flap book for young children.

Packed full of great illustrations, fun facts, and absorbing activities, it guides readers through each strand of engineering science – Mechanics, Aerospace, Robotics, Energy, and Materials. Practical projects, each carefully designed to introduce the kinds of skills required by real-life engineers, help kids pick up the basics in a fun, hands-on way. Design a robot, learn how to construct a simple car, create levers and pulleys, build paper planes, plus many other educational and inspirational activities – the sky’s the limit!

Discover how engineers solve problems in this innovative activity book, filled with inventions to brainstorm, puzzles to solve and objects to design. Create an earthquake detector, design a moon base and lots more, all using only the book and your pencil case. Includes downloadable templates and links to websites with more engineering experiments.

Do you know how to paint a watercolor wash, splatter paint, print patterns with plastic foodwrap or create resist effects with oil pastels? With over 120 ideas for painting, drawing, printing and doing collages, this book will help to develop your art skills. It will also give you lots of exciting ways of using different art materials. Either follow the simple step-by-step instructions exactly or use the ideas to create pictures of your own.

Lift the felt flaps to reveal frogs, mice, and a very cute family of foxes while learning to count and to recognize simple colors.

What are phantom islands? How did the Black Death cause an ice age? How could graffiti save endangered tortoises? Find the answers to these questions and 97 more in this bold, graphic, and exciting book, full of amazing things to know about Planet Earth.

Understanding politics is essential to understand the world around you. Learn about all types of government, how laws are decided upon and applied to countries, find out how the election process works, and who gets to decide who rules a country! Children and adults alike will find this book interesting and approachable thanks to its "dip-in and out" style.

This hilarious interactive book will have everyone giggling gleefully! Young readers help to tell the story by responding to simple verbal or visual cues – the perfect read aloud and fun for the whole family.

This practical, illustrated outdoor field guide is full of information with step-by-step instructions and tips and advice from Bear Grylls: camping and dangers to spot and avoid in the wild, finding your way, and mastering amazing knots. This is the must-have survival guide for all young explorers!

The Brum family sets off in a camper for the trip of a lifetime – from Maine to Alaska and beyond! They’ll end up using subways, planes, paddle boats, and more along the way. For budding geographers, vehicle fans, and those who love an adventure!

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Dog, Mouse, Pig, Chick, and Cow have been busy playing all day, but now it’s time to go to bed. They need kisses, cuddles… and a very special friend before they can say, “good night!” Little readers will love helping the friends pick out the perfect stuffed animal for bedtime using the 5 repositionable, reusable stickers.

Packed full of fun, educational activities, Vet Academy lets children explore life as a veterinarian, from the rigorous training involved in learning about different kinds of animals to the importance of food, exercise and conservation. The book is broken up into sections -- Pet Vet, Zoo Vet, and Farm Vet -- and each section includes arts and crafts, puzzles and quizzes, plus tasks and missions. Everything from learning about dog body language to a day in the life of a zoo elephant (and her vet), to farm vet hygiene – it’s all in here. Plus, there’s also a pull-out poster, game, cards and sticker sheets to add to the interactive fun.