Duck has just one question: Can I Join Your Club? He wants to belong to all of them. To any of them. Elephant Club, Lion Club, he just wants to belong. And he tries so hard to fit in so he can—kids will love pointing out in the illustrations just how he tries—a curly wig, dark glasses—but it just doesn’t work. He can’t be someone else. So, he starts his own club. And there’s ONE rule—everyone is welcome! Because when it comes to making friends, being yourself is all that counts, in this heartwarming celebration of diversity, inclusiveness and friendship.


Jack is an inventor, a photographer, a handball player, and a joke teller.  He likes hanging out with his friends; he likes going to school—until George Hamel calls Jack “Butthead.” Pretty soon, all the kids at school call Jack “Butthead.” Jack’s in BIG is getting dangerous. Will anyone listen? Can anyone help?

A dramatic, heart-wrenching story about the power of bullying, and the power of love, family, and community to overcome it.

Kathyrn Apel's Featured Book

All the emotions seven-year-old Leroy experiences as the bully on the bus taunts and threatens him are perfectly captured in this sensitive and beautifully written verse novel. The heartwarming ending is empowering and offers courage to anyone who’s ever felt small.

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