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“Cards for a Cause”

The “Cards for a Cause” program is a simple sales program offering boxed, handcrafted greeting cards with a high return to the organization raising funds.

“Literacy for a Lifetime”

“Literacy for a Lifetime” is a program for an organization to purchase books using funds outside their standard budget and receive a 50% matching grant.

“Reach for the Stars!!”

The “Reach for the Stars!!” program rewards children for reading with free books of their choice as well as new books for the school.  Pledges are collected from family, friends and neighbors who support the children’s reading activity.

                                      “Reading is a Gift”
The Usborne “Reading is a Gift” book fair program encourages reading and at the same time earns free books and/or profits for your school.  With the FREE books and/or cash incentives that are in place for each book fair, you can choose the option
that best meets the needs of your school.

Fundraising Options

Does your organization have a need to raise funds or earn free books?

Check out the great fundraisers with Usborne Books & More.