Also, available for purchase through your child's school are the following titles related to writing and illustrating:

This amazing book gives you all the help you need to write better stories, blogs, scripts for plays and poetry, with lists of inspiring words and tips on editing and grammar. See how well-known writers put techniques into practice, and try out your own ideas on the notes pages. The book is divided into various sections covering the different aspects of the writing process - coming up with ideas, planning, punctuation and grammar, and advice on different writing forms. Ages 10+

Write Your Own Storybook is full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of different stories, with space for you to write them in, and writing tips to help you on your way. Ages 10+

Acclaimed singer/songwriter/poet Eric Ode joins forces with New York Times bestselling illustrator Ruth Harper in this gentle, stunningly beautiful homage to all things wetland. From raccoons to muskrats, frogs to heron, it’s a celebration of biodiversity, art, poetry, and healthy ecosystems.

Eric Ode's Featured Books

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A write-in book for complete beginners who want to write stories but don’t know where to start. Starting with easy word games, the book takes the young writer through each part of story-writing. From creating characters using doodling and using picture prompts to develop description skills, the book builds up to writing whole short stories. Ages 6+

Grandfather’s garden
is popping with peas.
It’s buzzing with blossoms
and bumbly bees.

It’s bursting with berries
and beans and potatoes
and tall, twining vines of
too many tomatoes.

Eric Ode’s rollicking, rhyming garden story combined with Kent Culotta’s exuberant illustrations will have readers, tapping their toes (and digging their dirt, and sowing their seeds) as they count the too-many tomatoes overgrowing the garden, the building, the block … and more! 

The Story Writer's Idea Journal gives children the space and opportunity to develop their story ideas and get help from the various tips and thought-provoking prompts. The journal will feel very much like the children owns them, while still giving enough direction and ideas to support them. It also has quotes and examples from real writers, for example, an "Alice in Wonderland" extract will be used to show how dreams can be used in stories, encouraging children to write down their dreams for story ideas. All in all, this is the perfect and essential book for all aspiring writers to get writing! Ages  8+

Here's Dan, Beep! Beep! the Taxi Man, going to the show and picking up the band.
Climb inside while you still can with Dan, Beep! Beep! the Taxi Man.
And what a band it is! A symphony of sounds and colors, this cumulative tale is as much fun to read aloud as it is to listen to.
Singer/songwriter, author and renowned  performer Eric Ode has crafted a delightfully engaging cumulative verse brought to life by Kent Culotta’s exuberant paintings. The rhyme sings with the sounds belonging to the various instruments of each hip band member as they pile into Dan’s taxi, heading to the show.

Town to town and here and there, busy trucks are everywhere.
A father and son take us on a journey from farms to cities, where vehicles from buses to fire trucks are working every day, through the seasons, from morning until a final good night.
Kent Culotta’s bright and lively illustrations are the perfect complement to singer/songwriter, poet and renowned performer Eric Ode’s delightfully engaging rhyming text, bound to become a read-aloud favorite at storytime and bedtime!